Boomaroo is excited to bring to our customers our rebranded and expanded Greenlife product range!

2020 has seen us all spending a lot more time at home than we ever thought we would, leading to a renewed enthusiasm for housebound hobbies. As a result, interest in gardening and the curation of indoor plant collections has surged, making this the perfect time for Boomaroo to launch our refreshed Greenlife brand and range.

Central to this undertaking, was to ensure the enhanced presentation of our product in stores to assist our retail customers to increase their product sell-through as well as maximise their margin potential.

The result: a fresh, visually appealing and informative presentation of our product range to consumers, that delivers the following:

  • a bold and colourful colour palette designed to complement the best attributes of each individual plant,
  • eye catching tag designs ensuring products attract customer attention from afar and stand out from the crowd no matter how busy the retail shelf,
  • the use of contemporary yet soothing pastel tones to maximise the products’ appeal to a broad variety of demographics,
  • ensuring that our products are appealing both as a singular and as a collective to drive upselling opportunities, and
  • carefully considered product callouts and up to date horticultural information adding a team of silent salespeople to retail floors.

“Branding design’s aim is to communicate the ideas behind a product and differentiate it from the pack. Done well, it helps the customer understand the benefits and values of the product more effectively. Boomaroo has taken a fresh and contemporary approach to their new range with the aim of appealing to the growing number of new plant parents out there,” explains Brand Strategist Lach Ryan.

The range is divided into five categories: Foliage, Ferns, Colour, Hanging Baskets and Edibles.


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