Delivering a strong and healthy plant to farm is Boomaroo’s number one objective. We offer a wide range of in-nursery and pre-delivery treatments to further enhance seedling performance as they transition to the field environment.

Our experienced sales team is dedicated to developing treatment plans specifically tailored to meet our growers’ unique on-farm requirements. Whether it be building resilience to extreme conditions, protection against pathogens, pests or disease, or the enhancement of nutrient uptake, an appropriate treatment regime has the ability to significantly improve crop health and yield.

Our treatments include organic, biological and conventional options.


Treatments on offer include:

  • Confidor
  • Durivo
  • Serenade Prime
  • Plantmate
  • Radifarm
  • Superzyme
  • Amishield
  • Sabel-X
  • EndoPrime


We continually evaluate new products on the market as they become available and are always happy to discuss further treatment options to support the health of your crops.


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