Boomaroo’s INSTANT COLOUR range has been designed to provide mass colour to garden beds year-round, with a rotating selection of the best- performing, seasonal flowering varieties for residential and public settings alike.

Our wide range of FLOWERING PERENNIAL lines provides consumers with an array of solutions where impressive colour is paramount, including landscape, native, feature and gifting lines.

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  • Caibrachoa - assorted
  • Calla Lily - assorted
  • Carnation Oscar
  • Celosia Bright Sparks - assorted
  • Celosia Dragon's Breath
  • Cyclamen Persicum
  • Cyclamen Indiaka
  • Dahlia Dalina
  • Dahlia Tampico
  • Federation Daisy - assorted
  • Fuchsia Electric Lights
  • Fuchsia Sun Chime
  • Fuchsia Sun Wren
  • Geranium - assorted
  • Kangaroo Paw - assorted
  • Mandevilla Agathe - assorted
  • Mandevilla Jade - assorted
  • Matthiola - assorted
  • Osteospernum - assorted
  • Pentas - assorted
  • Primula - assorted
  • Ranunculus - assorted
  • Schizanthus - assorted
  • Zinnia - assorted


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