Boomaroo operates across two production facilities: one located in Lara, Victoria and the other in Southbrook, Queensland. Our production locations provide our customers with full Eastern Seaboard supply coverage as well as distribution into South Australia and Tasmania.



As Boomaroo’s historic production hub, our Lara site has been responsible for the supply of vegetable seedlings through the company’s national distribution network since its commissioning in 1988. The site was selected for the wide range of benefits it offers – from the protected growing conditions provided by the nearby You Yang Ranges, to advantages in biosecurity through geographic separation from major growing regions, as well as access to major distribution arterials.

Today, following over 30 years of sustained growth, our Lara site comprises approximately 150,000sqm of specialised growing areas, with the capacity to produce and dispatch 300 million vegetable seedlings and two million potted plants annually. Known for its distinct gantries and autonomous shuttles, our Lara nursery facility utilises Australian-first, minimal-touch technology and infrastructure to provide superior quality in horticultural production to our customers.


Aerial shot of specialised growing areas in Victoria



Located within South-east Queensland’s prime agricultural hub, Boomaroo Nurseries’ Southbrook facility is the most advanced and efficient vegetable seedling nursery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Commissioned in 2019, following close to ten years of Boomaroo supply to Queensland growers, our Southbrook site was selected for its ideal growing conditions, access to high-quality water, advantages in biosecurity and adjacency to some of Australia’s premier growing regions. The newly constructed facility boasts world-leading and energy-efficient plant handling systems, state-of-the-art germination chambers and 28,000sqm of specialist automated growing area designed to deliver a total plant output of 100 million seedlings per year. Boomaroo’s no-touch systems ensure Queensland vegetable growers receive optimal value for money, along with long-term business sustainability supported by a steady supply of premium quality, locally sourced plants.



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