Fundamental to Boomaroo is our commitment to provide value to our customers through the production of the highest quality product, continued technological innovation, informed and professional service and the achievement of strong environmental outcomes. This commitment is instilled in our company values:



Quality is the driving force behind everything we do. From our growing environments, our processes, and the seeds and inputs we source, through to our customer service and the ultimate delivery of our vegetable seedlings and greenlife products to their final destination; all has been considered through a quality lens, including:

  • Automated plant handling systems eliminating the manual handling of plants; and state-of-the-art environmental controls maximising plant uniformity and consistency
  • An experienced growing team continually monitoring plant health, nutrition and root development, and grading plants throughout their growing cycle to ensure customer specifications are met
  • Routine onsite laboratory testing informing nutrition programs, validating input quality and ensuring the early detection and elimination of pathogens
  • Rigorous QMS (Quality Management System) developed over 30 years, providing strict processes and controls across all facets of the business, playing a critical role in achieving national and international food quality and safety certifications, such as ISO9001, HACCP and NIASA ‘Ecohort’
  • Long-standing minimum standards established for all seed and input suppliers ensuring strong plant performance
  • Strict biosecurity protocols protecting our product on-site at Boomaroo, as well as ensuring the biosecurity protocols of our customers are met
  • A customised, refrigerated fleet of trucks for the transportation of our vegetable seedlings ensuring they arrive to farm in optimum condition




Innovation is at the heart of our approach at Boomaroo, and is key to the continuous improvement of our vegetable seedling and greenlife products, processes and customer service. This approach has been fundamental in achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers, and has been applied throughout our business including:

  • Our investment in world-leading growing environments and production infrastructure, sourcing best practice technologies to ensure maximum control, efficiency and consistency is achieved during our plants’ in-nursery growing cycle
  • The development and implementation of digital systems to track and record our plants’ growing and input history to provide end-to-end traceability for Quality Assurance
  • Our focus on new product development to offer our customers more diverse product categories and alternative product formats, providing value through improved efficiency, quality, lower costs and an expanded range. This can be seen through the introduction of Boomaroo Organics, additions to our treatments and value-add offering, our 182 seedling tray and the rapid growth of our indoor plant range



Customer Service

We understand the importance of building trusted, long-term relationships with our customers. The needs of every grower are different, with each requiring an individual level of understanding and service from us, which is why we work in partnership with our customers at every stage of our growing process. Our customer service offering includes:

  • A knowledgeable and dedicated team of Territory and Account Managers covering VIC, NSW, QLD and SA, with each making regular farm and site visits
  • The development of plant specifications tailored to the particular needs of individual growers
  • Engaging in active problem-solving with growers to improve customer outcomes
  • Digital support services and online resources such as product catalogues and industry news, as well as our Grower Portal that provides growers access to their own personalised profile to track and place orders and plan their growing schedule online
  • Our commitment to deliver on time, every time and provide growers with post-delivery consultation and support




Boomaroo’s commitment to leadership in Environmental, Social and Financial Sustainability is unwavering and informs all of the decisions we make. Taking a lead in positive environmental practices is paramount for the sustainability of both our business and the industry, with a number of significant initiatives already being implemented:

  • Significant reductions in water, chemical, diesel and electricity consumption at our Southbrook facility
  • 150kW solar installation at our Lara facility capable of meeting 25% of our annual electricity needs
  • Up to 50% of our peak water needs met by our Water Recycling Plant, combining microfiltration and reverse osmosis technologies
  • The progressive replacement of our diesel-fuelled sales fleet with hybrid vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions by 50% per vehicle replaced
  • Waste reduction through efficient application of inputs, an active recycling program and sustainable packaging for our Greenlife products
  • Chemical reduction through targeted and timely chemical applications, softer chemicals, and the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other passive pest control methods to supplement spray programs

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