Boomaroo has developed an expansive greenlife product offering targeting a broad range of applications and consumer interests. Our products vary from fern, foliage and succulent product lines to instant and perennial colour and edible ranges. With an active new product development program, and continuing to maintain strong relationships with international breeders and local propagators, Boomaroo remains up to date with the latest advancements in plant genetics. This allows us to deliver products that not only respond to global trends, but are also superior in visual appeal, growing vigour, robustness and disease resistance.

With a wide range of specialised growing areas, Boomaroo is well equipped to deliver a large volume of products ranging from cool climate varieties to tropical species. We have invested greatly in technological innovation and automation in our facilities, while adhering to best practice sustainability principles to ensure the reliability, consistency and quality of our products. Our strong relationships with distribution partners, combined with our own vehicular fleet, provides us with significant geographic reach to supply efficiently and conveniently to our customers.



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