Operating for over 30 years, Boomaroo is renowned for its premium-quality commercial seedlings, greenlife products, customer service and innovative approach to horticultural production.

With facilities in both Lara, Victoria and Southbrook, Queensland, we supply fresh produce growers and greenlife retailers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. We are committed to developing long-term partnerships to deliver products tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

Boomaroo began as a small family market garden in Werribee. The Jacometti brothers identified that cell-grown transplantable seedlings offered produce growers significant benefits against the traditional direct seeding of crops in the paddock – including crop uniformity, yield and reduced production costs. This realisation would revolutionise the vegetable growing industry.



Our state-of-the-art operations include:

  • 20 hectares of specialised growing facilities across our Victorian and Queensland sites
  • Industry leading automated handling systems enhancing quality, consistency, traceability, efficiency and reliability
  • Capability to produce up to 400 million vegetable seedlings annually across over 150 individual varieties
  • Capability to produce up to 2 million Greenlife potted plants across over 100 product lines grown in multiple pot formats
  • A 120-person strong team of experienced and skilled growers, agronomists, auditors, technicians, territory managers and support staff to provide our products and services to the highest expectations set by our valued customers
  • An extensive distribution network that provides South Australian, Tasmanian and Eastern Seaboard coverage to our customers

Today, still a family business, Boomaroo has grown to become one of Australia’s leading vegetable seedling and greenlife suppliers, and is an internationally recognised operator in the horticulture sector.




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