Boomaroo Nurseries is one of Australia’s largest vegetable seedling and Greenlife suppliers and we know that growers are the heart of our business.

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Who we are

Boomaroo Nurseries is a world-class vegetable seedling producer and one of Australia’s largest commercial seedling suppliers with 20 hectares under production in Lara, Victoria and Toowoomba, Queensland.

Boomaroo currently supplies more than 300 million transplantable seedlings to growers across Vic, Qld, SA and NSW. We also specialise in Greenlife including potted plants and potted colour (ornamental flowering plants). Renowned for high quality commercial seedlings and wholesale Greenlife, we have the capacity to deliver on time, every time. Our seedling facilities are state-of-the-art and world-leading. We use complex technologies to enable us to efficiently grow over 150 different products every week, all with varying grow profiles and customer requirements. Boomaroo Nurseries is more than just a wholesale vegetable seedling and Greenlife producer. We are all about partnerships and working alongside our growers, customers and suppliers.

Our values have held true for over 30 years. Our customers and suppliers are at the heart of everything we do and providing premium quality products drives every decision we make. We understand that every grower is working with different conditions and each requires an individual level of understanding and service from us. This is why we work in partnership with our customers at every stage of our growing process.

“It’s about providing the best product possible for our customers. The ‘right’ service means something different to everyone. Our service is very tailored. It’s all about understanding the issues that the farmers have and what we can do to minimise those issues.” – Eric Jacometti


Our history – a family business

Beginning as a small family business, Boomaroo was built on the passion of the three Jacometti brothers and these family values still underpin our business success today.

Boomaroo began as a small seedling nursery in Werribee, Victoria on the family farm of Michael and Eric Jacometti. Starting from the ground up in 1986, the Jacomettis (joined by brother Theo in 1988) moved from market gardening to seedling production when they realised that vegetable crops could be significantly improved by introducing cell grown seedling transplants. This realisation would revolutionise the vegetable growing industry.  A series of plantings in their market garden, measured against direct-seeded lines revealed that cell grown transplants would improve uniformity, increase yield and reduce growing costs. Neighbouring farms became interested in the Jacomettis’ product, and it was soon apparent that the nursery needed to be expanded, ideally outside the vegetable growing area to ensure a disease free environment.

In 1998 a new nursery was established in Lara, close to Geelong, designed in collaboration with government and vegetable industry experts.  The capacity of the new nursery also made possible the introduction of quality Greenlife (flowering plants), which has today grown to become an important part of Boomaroo’s business.

As an engineer, their father imparted a level of ingenuity that led the brothers to pursue innovative methods to develop the nurseries. These insights have been applied to the business ever since, giving them a unique approach to seedling production and positioning Boomaroo at the leading edge of the industry. Today, Eric and Theo still run the family business that has now grown to become one of Australia’s leading vegetable seedling and Greenlife suppliers and an internationally recognised business in the horticulture sector.


Eric Jacometti
Managing Director

As Managing Director of Boomaroo, Eric is driven by a passion for innovation, quality and customer service. Starting the business from the ground up with his two brothers, his drive has never diminished. Eric’s primary motivation is the quality and uniformity of Boomaroo’s vegetable seedlings and Greenlife. Constantly on the lookout for improvement, Eric has introduced world-class innovations into Boomaroo and is always looking ahead at how Boomaroo can be better.

Eric is passionate about the importance of forming partnerships with customers and suppliers, which is resonant of the early days of the business. By building trust with their customers and never letting them down, the brothers managed to build a successful business and today, Eric continues this philosophy on a much larger scale.

Andreas Kiziris
Head Grower – Vegetable Seedlings

As Head Grower of Vegetable Seedlings at Boomaroo Nurseries, Andreas’ time is consumed with responding to conditions, fine tuning processes and ensuring all decisions he makes will enable optimal results. He believes everything is an ongoing experiment that requires constant communication between our teams to ensure everyone is working to the same plan.

Originating from Greece and working in food science and agriculture most of his life, Andreas is passionate about the process of growing and is excited that his work contributes to feeding the world.

Koen Eidhof
Head Grower – Greenlife

Beginning in horticulture at just 12 years of age, sweeping floors and helping with potting, Koen has worked his way up to Head Grower of Greenlife at Boomaroo Nurseries.

Koen works closely with the sales team to determine which crops will be grown in the nursery and manages every process involved from climate settings, irrigation and fertilisation to constantly monitoring Greenlife for pest or disease. Working across the Netherlands, Africa and Australia, Koen enjoys the unpredictability of horticulture and having to adapt quickly to changing conditions – no two days are the same.


Known for its distinct gantries, the Lara nursery facility implemented never before used technology and infrastructure to build a leading edge, minimal touch, economically sustainable seedling nursery.

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Boomaroo’s new state-of-the-art nursery in Southbrook near Toowoomba, Qld is set to be in commercial operation from early 2019 and will be one of the most advanced vegetable seedling nurseries in the world.

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