Indoor Foliage

Boomaroo’s INDOOR FOLIAGE offering has been developed to enliven an array of indoor settings and includes a vast range of leaf textures, forms, patterns and growing habits. Supporting tranquility and occupant well being, our range offers consumers the perfect solution to make a statement in any home, home office or commercial indoor application.

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  • Aluminium plant
  • Callisia 'Pink Panther'
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Croton 'Petra'
  • Devil's Ivy
  • Dichondra Emerald Falls
  • Dichondra Silver Falls
  • Dragon's Tail Plant
  • Fatsia Japonica
  • Ficus Benjamina Evergreen
  • Ficus Benjamina Variegated
  • Ficus Burgundy
  • Ficus Robusta
  • Ficus Ruby
  • Ficus Tineke
  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Philodendron Birkin
  • Philodendron Hope
  • Philodendron Lickety Split
  • Philodendron Xanadu
  • Philodendron Heart Leaf
  • Spider Plant
  • Tradescantia Quicksilver
  • Tradescantia Tricolour


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