Boomaroo Nurseries supplies vegetable seedlings and Greenlife to customers across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Renowned for high quality commercial seedlings, Boomaroo is committed to partnering with growers and supply chain partners to deliver quality seedlings on time, every time. Our hallmark combination of quality products, value-adding service and innovation in seedling production means much of the fresh vegetable produce in the market originates from our Boomaroo seedlings, including lettuces, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflowers, leeks, celery, Asian vegetables, tomatoes and capsicum.

Boomaroo Nurseries

Our process from planting seeds through to dispatch is an efficient, state-of-the-art system. Today, the nursery is highly automated, to the extent that Boomaroo can boast that no seedling is handled manually throughout the growing process. This ensures that the end product is consistent and upholds plant uniformity.

The uniformity and quality of our plants is fundamental. All seedlings are graded during the growth cycle of the plant from root score to plant health, and nutrition and height are tailored to specific customer product specifications.

Boomaroo Nurseries GantryAll seeds from our seed companies are top grade and tested for quality against a high standard that ensures our customers get the very best plants. The seedlings begin the first few weeks inside glasshouses, where conditions can be controlled, and they are eventually moved outdoors for up to eight weeks to cope with environmental disturbances like rain and wind. Everything we do ensures the end product is of the highest quality for our customers.

Boomaroo Nurseries Seedling

Boomaroo Nurseries SeedlingsWith 20 hectares under production, our customers and suppliers benefit not only from the premium quality of our vegetable seedlings and Greenlife, but our capacity for continuous, uniform supply.


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