Sandalina RZ (43-183)

Sandalina RZ (43-183)


• Traditional green butterhead
• Slow bolting with a compact habit
• Suitable for warmer periods

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Rijk Zwaan’s descriptions, illustrations, growing advices and any other information in whatever form for example on expiry, sowing, planting and harvesting dates are based as precisely as possible on experiences in trials and in practice. However, Rijk Zwaan does not accept in any case liability for damages resulting from the use of such descriptions, illustrations, growing advices and information. The buyer/user itself is responsible for proper storage of the seeds and will be deemed t o determine whether the products and growing advices are suitable to be used for the intended cultivations and under the local conditions. The pictures in this edition show the types to which the varieties as mentioned belong and not all varieties as such. These pictures do not constitute any warranty, express or implied, of crop performance.

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