• Large Celery size
  • Medium to Dark Green colour
  • High yielding
  • Excellent bunch character
  • Robust Tolerance to spring bolting period
  • Good vigour and uniformity for Spring Harvest QLD, Vic & SA
  • Good Performer for Summer harvest South QLD, Vic & SA



BOOM1 demonstrates to be a proven Performer with solid vigour and uniformity.
An established variety for the Grower still looking for a Large Celery type.
BOOM1 shows tolerance for growing thru the bolting period (spring and early summer).
BOOM1 also shows strong vigour thru the summer months in South QLD, Victoria and South Australia

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This information has been compiled with care. The varietal information is to be used for guidance only. It must not be interpreted at ones’ own discretion. For any questions please contact your local Boomaroo representative.

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