Our products vary from fern, foliage and succulent product lines to instant and perennial colour and edible ranges.


Indoor Foliage

Boomaroo’s INDOOR FOLIAGE offering has been developed to enliven an array of indoor settings and includes a vast range of leaf textures, forms, patterns and growing habits.

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FERNS are one of Boomaroo’s specialties with a range that offers trusted old favourites as well as some of the more unique fern varieties.

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Boomaroo’s succulents range features an array of cascading and spreading varieties, each providing different texture, form and colour, perfect for a patio, balcony or rockery setting.

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Boomaroo Nurseries source the best performing varieties for our potted colour lines as well as trialling Australian bred material.

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Boomaroo’s LANDSCAPE range includes a selection of versatile plants to suit a range of outdoor settings and conditions.

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Boomaroo’s EDIBLES range has been designed to provide consumers flavour, performance and conveniences.

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