Our products vary from fern, foliage and succulent product lines to instant and perennial colour and edible ranges.



The Greenlife arm of Boomaroo is able to draw on the expertise of the vegetable seedling side of the business to supply commercial quality vegetable and herb seedlings.

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Potted Colour

Boomaroo Nurseries source the best performing varieties for our potted colour lines as well as trialling Australian bred material.

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Boomaroo specialises in fern varieties that have proven performance and a high appeal in the Boomaroo range.

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Always on trend leading rather than following Boomaroo produces foliage plants and are constantly trialing varieties that will suit modern demands. These varieties include Monstera, Philodendron Alocasia, and Fatsia.

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Boomaroo grow a large range of Perennial flowering lines, as well as natives such as our well known range of Kangaroo Paw. Perennial plants provide great value due to there ability to last for many years.

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A select line of succulent hanging specimens is produced by Boomaroo, including Dichondra and Maiden Hair in 200mm baskets.

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Gifting Lines

A key focus for Greenlife is delivering plants to align with seasonal events or for everyday uses such as office decoration.

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