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About South Pacific Seeds

Established in 1986 having been founded by a group of former Yates Seeds employees. From the outset, the company sought to specialise in servicing the Australian vegetable seed market as well as producing seed on a contract multiplication basis for a wide range of overseas seed companies.

SPS achieved early rapid growth in both of its core business units. This came about by servicing the domestic market needs with varieties adapted for the local conditions supported by an ongoing extensive trialing program. At the same time, SPS extended its range of production crops grown and areas to cater for an increasing worldwide demand for quality seed production.

Following on from the success of the company’s Australian business, it was decided to apply the same business model in New Zealand. SPS established a new Seed Production company in 1993 and then a new Sales Distribution company in 1997.

South Pacific Seeds is now a leading world producer of a broad range of vegetable seed, spanning over four countries including New Zealand, USA and Chile.



Asian Veg

All major types are grown at Boomaroo Nurseries. We also have access to unique seed offerings to assist our customers with a broader range of product options.

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Products include Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale and Wombok.

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This is our largest product category. Boomaroo grows every Lettuce type you can think of in type, size, colour and leaf shape.

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