Delivering a strong, healthy plant to farm is Boomaroo’s number one objective. The process of reviewing, trialing and offering new treatment options is one of the ways we continue to deliver the best possible product to our growers.

Here are the latest in-nursery treatment options – both conventional and organic chemistries – that we’ve added to our arsenal:


Left: untreated, right: treated with Amishield

Supplier: Nufarm

What is it?

As a pre-delivery drench treatment, Amishield is a novel fungicide used to treat club root and damping off in brassica crops. Boomaroo is the first nursery in Australia to offer this in- nursery drench treatment. We partnered with Nufarm for early nursery and field trials and can now offer the treatment to growers.

How does it work?

Amishield works by creating a protection zone around the seedling’s root system. This protection zone inhibits mitochondrial respiration within the fungus target species, ensuring minimal infection at critical early plant establishment. If you’re interested in finding out more about using Amishield on your crops, please speak to our Sales Team.

More details are available on the Nufarm website or by contacting Matthew Gratton at



Left: untreated, right: treated with Sabel-X

Supplier: Sustainable Farming Solutions

What is it?
An organic treatment, Sabel-X is a next generation Endophytic Tricoderma used to improve plant health and uptake for multiple vegetable crops. Sabel-X typically only requires one application and will live as long at the plant. Unlocking the plant’s genetic potential, the treatment offers an immediate response by producing gene- influencing metabolites within 16-48 hours. These metabolites live between the cells of the plant as well, which means they are not affected by fungicides.

How does it work?
Sabel-X quickly enters the plant and produces metabolites that switch on various gene pathways, which change depending on what the plant needs. Sabel-X, therefore, can have a positive influence across multiple areas of the plant and its development. This includes: germination; growth and vigour; photosynthesis; root development; disease resistance; stress resistance; yield and quality; and water utilisation. If you’re interested in finding out more about using Sabel-X on your crops, please speak to our Sales Team.

More details are available on the Sustainable Farming Solutions website or by contacting Una Woodhouse, at



Left: untreated, right: treated with EndoPrime

Supplier: Sumitomo Agrosolutions

What is it?
EndoPrime is a plant and soil enhancement product that contains arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that naturally exist in soils, colonising the root systems of plants. EndoPrime improves crop productivity and overall crop health, notably for transplants of leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables and cucurbits.

How does it work?
EndoPrime includes four high performing endo-mycorrhizae species that attach to the root system and work to explore the soil more efficiently than the plant root. This, in turn, improves the uptake of nutrients by the plant.
The use of EndoPrime is proven to increase growth rates, improve root structure and plant habit, resulting in resilience and survival of seedlings. If treated within the nursery, the plants will carry this benefit into the field. If you’re interested in finding out more about using EndoPrime on your crops, please speak to our Sales Team.

More details are available on the Sumitomo website or by contacting Jock Leys, at

These new treatments are welcome additions to other existing treatments on offer by Boomaroo including:

  • Confidor
  • Durivo
  • Serenade Prime
  • Plantmate
  • Radifarm
  • Superzyme

We continue to evaluate new products on the market as they become available and are always happy to discuss further treatment options to support the health of your crops.

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