Boomaroo Nurseries is a world class vegetable seedling producer, supplying over 300 million seedlings to growers around Australia.

About Vegetable Seedlings

We grow all major vegetable types at Boomaroo Nurseries and our production methods and infrastructure generally allow for year round supply. Most can meet all slot and growing region requirements. Boomaroo Nurseries produces vegetable seedling types for both Fresh Market and Processing requirements and also has access to unique seed offerings to assist our customers with a broader range of product options. We specialise in commercial varieties but can also assist customers with their own genetics.


*Please note that vegetable products are always being added and updated. Please note that we work closely with seed companies to provide the most up to date information but if there are any varieties that are not in our catalogue please contact our sales team or your Territory Manager.

*Boomaroo Disclaimer:

Varietal information has been compiled with care.  The varietal information has been both provided and uploaded by our seed company partners and is to be used for guidance only.  It must not be interpreted at ones’ own discretion.  As a consequence Boomaroo Nurseries cannot accept any liability as to the accuracy of this information.

Trialling new genetics is important to Boomaroo and our customers. Boomaroo trial more than 500 new lines across our product range every year.

Something missing in our Catalogue that you would like Boomaroo to grow? Let us know. We are always looking to expand our offer to our customers.

Boomaroo Nurseries has five different tray options available to ensure that your preferred cell size and value option is available for our full product range.



Our extensive range of Alliums comprises of Leeks, Shallots , White and Red Onions, Spring Onions and Chives. Varieties are selected specifically for year round production, with different size cell trays available including single seeded product thru to multi seeded product.

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Asian Veg

All major types are grown at Boomaroo Nurseries. We also have access to unique seed offerings to assist our customers with a broader range of product options.

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A recently introduced product offering from Boomaroo that saves establishment time on farm leading up to first harvest.

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Products include Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale and Wombok.

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We specialise in both commercial varieties as well as assisting growers with their own genetics. Our production methods and infrastructure allow for year round supply of Celery seedlings.

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Round and Treviso Radicchio types available and year round Endive products available with different leaf shape and growth habits.

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Fruiting Crops

We grow most seasonal fruiting crops and can cater for both field and indoor seedling requirements.

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A range of herbs including Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Sage and Thyme.

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This is our largest product category. Boomaroo grows every Lettuce type you can think of in type, size, colour and leaf shape.

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Year round seedlings available due to bolting tolerant varieties.

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