Boomaroo Nurseries is excited to announce the expansion of our site in Queensland. The purpose of the existing site, built just six years ago, had been to house seedlings from our Lara nursery in Victoria, ensuring they were acclimatised to Queensland conditions before delivery to our customers. Boomaroo has now purchased a second site south west of Toowoomba (at Southbrook), which will enable it to reach a greater number of growers and provide the latest innovations and technologies in vegetable seedling and Greenlife production.

The new nursery is planned to be in operation by December this year and will span over 14,000 square metres.

Boomaroo Nurseries New Site Queensland

The nursery will be a leading example of world’s best practice design and automation with a production output of up to 150 million high quality seedlings annually. Allowances have been made for several extensions over the next five years with the expectation that Greenlife plant production will utilise the same growing system with approximately 300 benches dedicated to the Greenlife section in the coming years.

This latest facility for Boomaroo Nurseries is expected to be one of, if not the most, advanced vegetable seedling nurseries in the world, with ongoing opportunities to retro-fit components and modules back into the Lara facility. This latest expansion for Boomaroo will enable us to fully service the eastern seaboard.

Innovation is an integral part of the new site, with planned implementation of new and unique production systems. These systems will leverage technologies aimed at increasing productivity at the grower level and on through the supply chain, such as access to state-of-the-art technology processes that will enable greater precision and tracking of customers’ plants.

Boomaroo Nurseries Queensland Development Start

Boomaroo Nurseries Queensland DevelopmentA stronger market presence and more Boomaroo resources on the ground further reinforces the company’s long term commitment to growers, and being able to provide the very best service and product in each region.

As part of Boomaroo’s key expansion plan, this new site will be a world class, fully automated nursery and will pave the way for sustainable growth of the business in both vegetable seedlings, Greenlife and for the horticultural industry as a whole.

The nursery development will represent a capital investment of just under $15 million and will provide major job opportunities for the state. We are also excited to be supporting University of Queensland graduates through our new graduate program. Historically, most graduate positions with Boomaroo Nurseries have been in the vegetable growing team and finance but this will be opened up to an array of disciplines across both the vegetable and Greenlife operations.

This move drives ongoing business sustainability and financial growth for Boomaroo, but also facilitates growth for much of our customer base, notably in Queensland and also across the eastern seaboard, ensuring their long term viability through the quality of our products and economies of scale.


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