We value partnerships in every aspect of the business, including across the full supply chain. This helps us to increase efficiencies, driving value for our customers and suppliers. We continually review our supply chain to ensure it is as efficient and effective as possible.

We are constantly working with our supply chain partners for opportunities to create efficiencies and value adding. We believe it is important to treat every stage of the supply chain as a potential partnership with the aim to provide better outcomes for our customers. A strong example of this is the way we worked in collaboration with our transport company. Instead of being offered the standard B-double truck to deliver seedlings to our customers, we worked with our transport company to customise our fleet. We now carry 12% more product on our non-standard configured trucks, so our customers get their products faster.

Another example is our partnership with a soil mix company in the early days of Boomaroo Nurseries. As there was no one else in the industry producing vegetable seedlings on such a large scale, there was no specific mix Boomaroo Nurseries could use to ensure the best results for the seedlings. Working in collaboration with the mix company we had direct input into the product we were receiving, ensuring optimum quality end products for our customers.

Working closely with our supply chain means that at every stage of the process, we are creating efficiencies and ensuring our customers are receiving quality, uniform, vegetable seedlings and Greenlife plants.

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