2019 was a challenging year for our industry, with so many growers and growing regions contending with the direct and indirect impacts of drought, water security and more recently the bushfires that have ravaged so much of the eastern seaboard.


Despite the challenges, Boomaroo is optimistic about the future, setting a new vision that will set us on a positive path for the upcoming decade. Here are some of the exciting initiatives we’re launching in 2020:

  • Organics
    • Planning is well underway to expand our product offering to organically grown crops from both our Southbrook and Lara nurseries. With organic certification already achieved, our Southbrook facility will lead the rollout to meet the seasonal needs of our QLD growers. 
    • Growing trials have commenced with the delivery of our first organic crops anticipated by March. Organic production out of our Victorian facility will follow closely, with first organic plants scheduled to leave the nursery in July.
    • Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and celery are among the first crops included in the roll out of organic production at Southbrook. Further programs will be available upon request, however it won’t be long before all of our product range will be available as organically grown.
    • This new product offering gives our trusted customers the opportunity to provide end-to-end organic produce to their health conscious and environmentally conscious consumers.


  • Expansion through product offering and regional reach
    • Beyond organics, Boomaroo is also expanding its range of crop offerings and regional reach. With our Southbrook nursery celebrating 6 months in operation, we now have the capability to competitively offer a greater range of products and distribute in areas that we were previously unable to deliver to. 
    • Cucurbit crops such as melons, watermelons, zucchini and cucumber are planned for release in August, with nursery trials well underway. Also, following a fantastic processed tomato campaign in 2019, we will be increasing our range of solanaceous crops with more gourmet tomatoes, capsicums and chillies.
    • Southbrook has not only provided us the capability to extend our product offering, but also extend our physical reach to premier growing regions such as Bundaberg and Bowen.


  • Launch of Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Plan
    • Following thoughtful reflection on our environmental impact, Boomaroo has released our new Sustainability Policy, with our Sustainability Plan expected to be completed in February this year.
    • Boomaroo has always had a strong commitment to minimising our impact on the environment, however we now have a road map to interrogate performance at every level of the business; across environmental, social and financial factors.  
    • We encourage our management, employees, contractors and supply chain partners to join us as we continue to improve our sustainability efforts in these areas.
    • See our Sustainability Policy on our website here.


  • Investment in Innovation
    • Boomaroo is focused on rolling out innovative technologies that will bring advantages to both our customers and to Boomaroo. Data collection and systems that further enhance the high quality of our products are our top priorities for 2020. In Southbrook, electronic devices are being used to provide yet another layer of quality control to ensure plant quantity and specifications are met. The host of added functionality they provide is wide-ranging, from the validation of total product germination, to the logging of plant progress against growing specifications, through to the recording of all water, EC and spray applications throughout the plants’ life in the nursery. Following rollout in Southbrook, these systems will be incorporated into our Lara operations also.
    • This platform will later extend to have increased tracking capabilities, allowing growers to follow any of their deliveries at any stage of the nursery grow cycle, offering a greater ability to manage their planting schedules on farm.
    • Probe and sensor technologies are also being developed for deployment throughout the nursery. Not only will this provide us with real time data increasing our responsiveness to our plants’ needs, it will also optimise the application of water, fertilisers and other inputs conserving precious resources.


We look forward to the year ahead and bringing these new initiatives to you in 2020. Please contact your Territory Manager if you would like to learn more about any of our exciting new initiatives.

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