As our Southbrook facility increases its production volumes, so increases the team behind it. Our investment in the Queensland market extends beyond just infrastructure, but also into the team of people who nurture and deliver our seedlings to growers nation-wide. Three new team members have joined us in recent months, adding their knowledge and experience in roles from production, to plant health and sales.

Mick Fleming, Production Manager:
Mick Fleming joined the Southbrook team only six weeks ago in the role of Production Manager, and has hit the ground running. In his previous role as Operations Manager of an electrical contractor, Mick was responsible for the delivery of our Southbrook expansion project, providing him with an intimate understanding of our complex systems and processes. Mick brings to the team essential skills in project management and critical thinking as well as the technological know-how to keep our state-of-the-art facility running smoothly. He also understands the importance of strong relationships and delivering on customers’ expectations on time and specification.

Raised on a farm, Mick has long held a passion for the farming industry. “I always knew – at some stage – I would return to the industry. And here I am today, on board this exciting new opportunity with Boomaroo. I can honestly say that the challenge to meet the high expectations on quality and delivery, day-in-day-out, drives me in this role.”

Aaron Vivian, Territory Sales Manager:
As Boomaroo’s Territory Sales Manager for Queensland, what Aaron values most is developing and maintaining strong relationships with his customers. In fact, this is what gets him going each morning, making four to five grower visits on-farm each day.

A horticulturist by trade, Aaron brings to Boomaroo significant experience as a harvest manager for one of Australia’s largest vegetable farms and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Queensland market and of what matters most to growers, making him a valuable asset to the Boomaroo Team.

“Each customer has differing expectations, from seedling specification, to how often they want to or need to see me on-farm. It’s all about understanding these expectations and working with the rest of the team at the nursery to action a plan to suit.”

Ashleigh Essery, Plant Health Officer:
As Boomaroo Southbrook’s Plant Health Officer, Ash plays an essential role applying her meticulous attention to detail to our quality control processes, ensuring the health of our seedlings and that we meet stringent customer specifications.

Ash has a strong background in vegetable seedling production working at a number of commercial nurseries, specialising in grafting and propagation, as well as currently pursuing a double degree in Plant Science and Food Science at the University of Southern Queensland.

Ash is excited to see more and more women being inspired to take on roles within the industry – especially in the area of growing. “With everything I continue to learn from both the Southbrook and Lara teams, I hope to excel in the industry and prove that it doesn’t have to be a male-dominated field; us women can do just as well in the growing industry.”

We asked the new team members to take us behind-the-scenes and show us what their days look like.

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