Carnations are highly regarded for their colourful blooms and wonderful spicy-clove fragrance. The flower of the Carnations has an extra long vase life and for this reason is a popular choice for floral arrangements. Carnations are also commonly referred to by their scientific name, “Dianthus”, the name given by the Greek botanist Theopharastus. Carnations got the name Dianthus from two Greek Words – “dios”, referring to the god Zeus, and “anthos”, meaning flower. Carnations are thus known as the “The Flowers of God”.

The Carnation Oscar is a beautiful addition to your garden or the perfect gift for someone special! This hardy perennial has short stems covered with large double flowers. It will bloom continuously from early springtime onwards and grows well in pots, mixed containers and as a garden accent or border plant.

  • Carnation Oscar
  • Carnation Pink Kisses


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