The first week of May saw some enthusiastic players from all corners of the horticultural industry converge at Maddies Paddock on Bulmer Farms in Lindenow, East Gippsland.

That EGVID (East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days) was able to proceed at all was a credit to it’s organising committee. The team quickly adapted the program to comply with new regulations relating to COVID-19 and deliver a compelling event for those who attended in-person or via digital channels.

Credit: With thanks to Stuart Grigg for supplying aerial footage

With a limited number of people allowed on-site at any time, the event was broadcast through Facebook livestreams and regular social media updates, allowing those who couldn’t be there to check in on the action and benefit from the collective information sharing via their screens.

“We were really pleased to be able to give the industry access that has still been very worthwhile, as well as driving huge increases in virtual engagement via our social media across the three days “ said EGVID Co-Director, Stuart Grigg.

The event was a way for seed companies, chemical providers and growers to meet and discuss innovations and trials across a range of 1500 lines including lettuce, brassicas, baby leaf and spinach, celery and herbs.

The feedback around EGVID has been highly positive and many of the digital resources from the event will be shared among the broader industry, continuing to grow the value of such events.

Boomaroo was proud to sponsor the event and also use the time to gather and share insights across the three days.

“Events like these are crucial for our industry. Not only do we have the opportunity to share information with each other, but the insights that we gather through events like EGVID inform our ongoing conversations with customers and help us deliver the right solutions to their challenges,” said Boomaroo Industry Engagement Manager Jo van Niekerk.

“We look forward to seeing how EGVID 2020 will influence how field trials might be conducted going forward and also how other valuable information can be shared across the broader industry.

Below are the key insights the Boomaroo team took from the event:

Celery-  Several new varieties were on trial, with newcomers Jo Jo, Sol and Tejal turning some heads. Those displayed showed desirable attributes such as being strong against black heart or bolting. Their suitability for production ranged from spring/summer into summer/autumn.

Lettuce- Cos, Baby Cos, Iceberg and Coloured multileaf varieties made up the many different trials displayed in the lettuce category. Varieties of both Cos and Iceberg suitable for processing during winter and summer were on show. Reducing the impact of tipburn was a strong feature of these trials.

Brassicas  and Asian Veg- Trials for each of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower were on show. Features included outstanding uniformity, attractive heads, Fusarium tolerance and increased yield. Varieties of Chinese Cabbage and bunching varieties showed good shape and size characteristics, along with a resistance to clubroot and tipburn tolerance.

To discuss the varieties that best suit your growing program, please contact one of our Boomaroo sales team members.


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