The fact that no seed at Boomaroo is handled manually, means that we are producing consistent, completely uniform seedlings at significant scale. For this reason our growers are in a much better position to harvest vegetable crops evenly and Greenlife customers can be assured that our plants will comply with uniformity demand.

Boomaroo Nurseries Seedling Tray


We provide the full history of our vegetable seedlings to the grower to ensure successful development of the plant after transfer. Our relationship with our growers is a lot more than just selling plants. We are vested into their business.

A dedicated support team

We understand the importance of building a solid partnership with our customers and suppliers, which is why Boomaroo is one of the only wholesale vegetable seedling nurseries in Australia with a knowledgeable, dedicated sales team. Our sales team works alongside our customers to understand their growing conditions and specific needs, to make sure that what we are doing will complement the transfer process and the success of the plant right through to the delivery to the consumer.

On time delivery

We turn over a significant volume of vegetable seedlings and Greenlife every week. Our expanse across multiple sites enables us to grow high volume product that ensures continuous supply.


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