“In business, we’ve had a bit of a mantra that we’ve adopted over a long time and that’s quality, service and reliability. I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but that’s something we’ve applied ourselves to for a long time and the way that we’re approaching business in the future is to go out there and look for it. If it’s not there, let’s create it.” – Eric Jacometti

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Constantly improving processes and ensuring system excellence is a key focus to deliver greater efficiencies and in turn, a quality product, on time to our customers. Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential factor from the seed to the end product. For the past 20 years, we have maintained a minimum standard of seed that we will accept from our suppliers. Quality and biosecurity becomes fundamental up and down the supply chain as well, and for this reason, we ensure that Boomaroo Nurseries is independently audited and ISO accredited.

Quality is the driving force behind everything we do. From the quality of our service, processes, and the seeds we source from up to 15 different suppliers, right through to our fleet of custom refrigerated trucks to ensure seedlings arrive in optimum condition – everything we do ensures our customers get the very best value products available.

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Boomaroo Nurseries Seedlings

Boomaroo Nurseries Seedling


“We have a desire to get better all the time, ensuring constant improvement and not to be bound by what is normal. We look at everything that is possible.” – Eric Jacometti

At Boomaroo, we focus on the continuous improvement of products, processes and customer service. We have been able to streamline business operations, using supply chain partnerships and economies of scale to ensure the plants and vegetable seedlings we are producing are of high quality and uniform. This is a reflection of our heritage and our ongoing drive for innovation as well as our commitment to delivering a premium service experience.

One example of innovation by Boomaroo is the now exclusive, 182 seedling tray. At the end of 2017 the new 182 seedling tray was put into action, meaning more than 4,000 more seedlings could be propagated from a stack of 10 frames. The 182 seedling tray provides 26% more cells than the premium 144 cell tray and has led to improvement in efficiency within both the nursery and to our customers.

We have also launched a new online hub that allows growers and customers to set up profiles, track and place orders and plan their growing schedule online. This new feature is about providing a fully integrated hub for our growers and suppliers to help streamline the growing and supply processes.

Boomaroo has always explored new opportunities in technology and mechanisation. A range of research and development innovations are in the pipeline for Boomaroo, utilising new technologies from other industries to continue to revolutionise vegetable seedling production processes. This will represent a paradigm shift for Boomaroo and the industry overall. Growers are looking to automate in-field and we are supporting them by developing ways to help them automate. These innovations reflect a maturing horticulture industry, in which the nature of vegetable growing has changed dramatically over the past 30 years.

Boomaroo Nurseries Quality

Innovation lies at the heart of a forward looking business and it is the key to sustainability. The philosophy of our business is to bring innovation into vegetable growing that will ultimately benefit growers. We are conscious of how we can bring products to market in the most efficient possible time and continuously add value within our business and to our customers. We are already starting to revolutionise the way vegetable transplants are viewed into the future.


With a broad range of skills and experience across our people at Boomaroo, it is no wonder that we are one of the most successful seedling and Greenlife suppliers in Australia. As a large operation, Boomaroo Nurseries attracts people from a range of different backgrounds as there are endless opportunities to learn and grow. Regardless of their background the one trait that everyone at Boomaroo Nurseries has in common is a passion for growing.

Boomaroo Nurseries Growers and Seedlings

Part of the Boomaroo culture is about sharing ideas, new technologies and collaborating up and down the supply chain to support the growth of the industry into the future. Diversity is important at Boomaroo with the team bringing skills from automation, retail, agronomy, plant husbandry and quality assurance. We see our future talent continuing to diversify, encompassing skills from agronomy and information technology to more scientific and commercial disciplines.

As part of our learning culture, Boomaroo Nursery has its own graduate program. Our graduates work among the vegetable seedling and Greenlife growing teams and will soon branch out across broader departments within the business. We work with key universities across Australia to ensure the growth of talent within Boomaroo and to help us expand opportunities within the horticulture sector for the next generation.


Business Sustainability

For Boomaroo Nurseries, sustainability is all about doing the best we can in every aspect of the business in order to keep producing quality vegetable seedlings and Greenlife plants. Boomaroo Nurseries is focussed on continuous improvement and has developed a roadmap to achieve sustainable, viable business growth as a leader within the horticulture industry. We are also mindful of a shift in consumer preference to more locally sourced and safer foods and we continue to explore how we can contribute to this journey.

We are committed to adopting sustainable practices within the supply chain and throughout our sourcing initiatives. We live in a resource-constrained world and we recognise the need to run our operations in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable for the long term. Managing resource use and reducing waste, identifying and implementing innovation to help achieve this goal and working with suppliers to manage environmental performance, we ensure own production is sustainable.

“Innovation lies at the heart of a business moving forward and it is the key to sustainability. We’re constantly challenging ourselves about how we can do things better and we’re conscious of how we can get things to market in the shortest possible time.” – Eric Jacometti


Taking a lead in positive environmental practices is paramount for the sustainability of our business and industry. This includes practices such as installing solar panelling, right through to assessing the sustainability and viability of using organics and biologicals.

Targeted and timely chemical applications, softer chemicals, and adopting components of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within our activities all contribute towards environmental sustainability and provide benefits for our customers. To effectively implement these practices and monitor results, iterative technology and automation at scale will continue to play a vital role.

Boomaroo Nurseries Gantry and Seedlings

The ability to track and trace in the manufacturing process and in the field will become increasingly important as cross-contamination and food safety issues continue to attract attention. Increasing global demand for reduced application of chemicals in the field has led to our development of an advanced chemical application machine that provides an accurate dose of chemical to each cell of between + or – 3%. By delivering a targeted (and more effective) application of chemicals within the nursery prior to field delivery, growers can significantly reduce chemical usage. This has significant positive benefits for the environment, and also people who consume the produce.

Working in conjunction with water authorities, Boomaroo is proactively targeting reduced water usage by 50%. Recycled water processes are already in place at our Lara nursery in Vic and elements of this program will be adopted in our Toowoomba, Qld nursery.

Boomaroo Nurseries Water Saving


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